Corporate Bookings

Make a positive difference to your organisation by offering health and wellbeing courses and/or holistic massage treatments that delivers results.


Do you want to plan a one off event or have a full annual plan?  Whatever you have in mind we work in partnership with you to deliver and review your strategy from start to finish.


We can offer workshops ranging from 1 – 4 hours on or off-site.


Courses & Therapeutic Treatments can be tailored to suit your needs.


For example you may wish to offer your workforce:

  • 30 minute massage (reflexology, aromatherapy, seated massage, hand & arm massage)
  • 60 minute steps for health & wellbeing class
  • 60 minute face yoga class


Our new Face Yoga Workshop is a great way for employers & employees to get together and have some fun doing a self care course.


Show your workforce you care.


Face Yoga is a fantastic self care course which can be delivered in different formats to different age groups, male/female or both. You can book a one hour class, 90 minute class, or a 3 hours workshop.


It’s new – It’s fresh – It’s fun – It’s relaxing!


The class will include face yoga exercises to work the muscles in the face, relaxation meditation, face acupressure/reflexology, and face massage.

Contact Louise to discuss